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Green Crack is a potent Sativa with THC content often reaching over 20%.Green Crack. Great for daytime, this strain is energizing and is perfect for social gatherings and those who need morning medication. Not to be confused with the God’s Green Crack or Green Crack Extreme, this strain is also sometimes called Green Cush, or simply Cush.

Don’t be put off by the name. This strain is nothing like the common street drug. Rather, this strain is one of the most popular Sativas around. The effects are energizing and uplifting, and it features a THC content between 15 and 21%. You’ll find yourself focused, creative, and is an all-around good mood.

This strain has been around for a couple of decades, but it didn’t always have such a controversial name. Originally called “Crush” or “Green Crush”, this Sativa was renamed by none other than Snoop Dogg. Once you get going with Green Crack, you’ll realize that it can be difficult to let this strain go.

A great daytime strain, Green Crack is as energizing as a strong cup of coffee. While many find that it promotes focus, others find themselves in a spacey, cerebral experience. Plan on feeling a little bit philosophical with this Sativa. For recreational consumers, Green Crack is great for a night out or for stimulating social events. buy weed online For recreational consumers, this strain is great for a night out of for stimulating social events. If you need a helping hand while cleaning the house, this strain is a good choice.

Marijuana enthusiasts will notice this strain’s lemon and citrus aromas right away, with some even detecting slight woody and earthy undertones. Citrus scents give way to more tropical flavors, like sweet mango, which accompanies the smooth smoke. On the exhale, marijuana connoisseurs will detect Afghani lineage, with spicy flavors.

There is an Indica variety of this strain, which is often thought to include Afghani heritage. To spot an Indica, look for a shorter plant that produces a tighter bud structure. This version will also have a significantly heavier body high and less cerebral effects.

Medical Benefits of Green Crack

Medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain because it offers relief from a range of ailments and conditions.

Marijuana consumers tend to like this strain for ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue and depression

This strain is even suitable for daytime appetite stimulation

This strain also has fairly potent pain-relieving properties, making it popular among those with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions
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14 Grams (1/2OZ), 28 Grams (OZ), 113 Grams (1/4LB), 227 Grams (1/2LB), 454 Grams (LB)

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  1. Grant David (verified owner)

    I’d have to dido Greenstogie’s review, well said!

  2. Montana Sky (verified owner)

    Great strain. Quality bag appeal. Lovely nugs. Hits just how it should. Would highly recommend

  3. John (verified owner)

    Great smoke for a great price. Very potent, tastes great with thick, creamy smoke; highly recommended!

  4. Alexis Jade (verified owner)

    Great smoke, high quality bud for a good price.

  5. Julian Carter (verified owner)

    First batch I tried of this months ago was explosive in strength. It saved on me smoking extracts and distillates as to it’s THC content. Second was pretty darn close, great taste and cure.

  6. Summer Joy (verified owner)

    Nice looking Bud’s , but hard to smell and bit dry , but overall it’s good 👍

  7. Ryker Griffin (verified owner)

    Boooooomb smoke

  8. Mackenzie Leigh (verified owner)

    First batch I tried of this months ago was explosive in strength. It saved on me smoking extracts and distillates as to it’s THC content. Second was pretty darn close, great taste and cure.

  9. Larry Justin

    one of the best strains you can get your hands on. GC is always know to provide effects for even veteran consumers after only a few hits. GC is a crowd favorite due to its high potency and overall cerebral invigoration. If you love that energetic, happy, euphoric-uplifted feeling then this is the perfect sativa for you

  10. Arielle Charlotte (verified owner)

    Really good kind of weed, the taste is really really good! It smell very good aswell, i bought it for the name and thought it would make me higher than the clouds but it got me a really good smooth comfortable buzz, the nugs were just Perfect!

  11. Ivan Christopher (verified owner)

    The high is nice. I bought it because of its name, and because of its name to be honest I was expecting a higher potency

  12. Joel Thatcher (verified owner)

    This batch is Caked in crystals. Looks like the nugs were dipped in sugar. Beautiful looking buds. Real eye opener after you smoke just a lil bit. Get some before it’s gone.

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