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Martian moonrock is the world’s strongest bud! Lab tests confirm it at 98.2 % THC. A top shelf-nug is first dipped in hash oil, dusted with fire kief, rolled in a CBD extract, coated in pure THC crystals, doused in CO2 Oil, lovingly smothered in bud budder, generously sprinkled with green crack, followed by a dash of dank dust, and finally a refreshing dip in weed jello-o. Martian rocks are so strong they prove a challenge even for the most experienced smokers. It’s been described as the father of all highs and has a wide fan base among consumers

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Reason for the legalization of medical marijuana in the world these greens keep us good and helpful for the reduction of pain I preferred to take medical marijuana than drinking alcohol or taken tobacco and medical marijuana is good for the health and if you feel tired and depress medical marijuana help you a lot to reduce stress and take you away of bad dreams and the rest you all know, so we have to fight for the legalization of this leaf as it gives us joy and helps a lot of our parent and grandmother out of cancer and insomnia. google us

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14 Grams (1/2OZ), 28 Grams (OZ), 113 Grams (1/4LB), 227 Grams (1/2LB), 454 Grams (LB)


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