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Based on 577 reviews
  1. Montana Sky (verified owner)

    Wanna good Ride? Then start here. This Indica Dominant is of the hook and will keep you in a steady high for a long time

    Orange Kush Orange Kush

  2. Paisley Michelle (verified owner)

    By far one of my top 3 favorite strains, this will be my third reorder. The taste is incredible, the high hits fairly quick and (to some) it’s smooth! The buds were a… fair size and extremely dense. I personally find it equivalent to smoking a crystal bowl just from the burn in the throat it gives and that’s what always gets me. Would definitely recommend.

    Blue Kinght Blue Kinght

  3. Jasper Brian (verified owner)

    Wasn\’t sure it was going to live up to the hype, but me likey. Whoever grew this crop did it right. Your troubles and any pain will melt away. Next morning woke up very rested, relaxed, and happy. No stress here!! What else… No negative side effects!

    Brain Freeze Brain Freeze

  4. Avery (verified owner)

    Looked great, smoked great. Will definitely be looking for more indica strains

    Brain Freeze Brain Freeze

  5. Griffin Carl (verified owner)


    Alien Dawg Alien Dawg

  6. Autumn Rose (verified owner)

    Nice AAAA. Nice after-taste. Does the job without overpowering

    Northern Lights Northern Lights

  7. Tucker Grant (verified owner)

    Some of the best I have had on here. Its crazy good and I have tried many on here.

    Northern Lights Northern Lights

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