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Based on 577 reviews
  1. Ella Sage (verified owner)

    Nice AAAA. Nice after-taste. Does the job without overpowering

    Blue Kinght Blue Kinght

  2. Daisy Michelle (verified owner)

    Once I started breaking it up, I realized how impressive this weed actually is 😮 Very sticky, stinky weed! Lots of crystals too. This weed really packs a punch! Great product! Highly, highly recommended! 😍

    Alien Dawg Alien Dawg

  3. Joel Thatcher (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this strain love that it’s full of lots of crystals, the high is very nice, definitely buy this again

    Gorilla Glue #4 Gorilla Glue #4

  4. Alana Victoria (verified owner)

    Second time ordering, and still some of the best sativa your going to find!

    Super Sour Diesel Super Sour Diesel

  5. Arielle Charlotte (verified owner)

    Nice daytime buzz. Dark green hues with small to medium dense buds

    Blue Dream Blue Dream

  6. David (verified owner)

    Le goût est sublime, anti-douleur, anti-depresseur, la version 5a est malade avec du mauve et noir. Mon meilleur weed a vie(AAAAA)

    Lemon Diesel Lemon Diesel

  7. Melody Reese (verified owner)

    happy with my first order from Weed Hub Dispensary. shipped quickly, descretely, counts are good. Not alot of that beauty bubba taste in this batch. Medium potentcy. AAA is right, few leafy buds.

    Wedding Cake Wedding Cake

  8. Jasper Brian

    This strain is what i consider a ‘all day indica.’ Meaning dont turn to this for couch lock. It will do the trick to fall asleep and you newer smokers may experience some couch lock effects after all.

    Afgoo Lavender Afgoo Lavender

  9. Avery Lyn (verified owner)

    Nice big fluffy nuggets good smooth smoke with a nice buzz decent day strain but high does seem to fade quickly but that could be due to higher tolerance but was a good AAAA value especially on sale. Was hoping for more flavor out of the smoke but it did not have much taste, would probably come out in a 4A or 5A version with a longer lasting buzz but a solid AAAA PK

    Lemon Diesel Lemon Diesel

  10. Rylie Lane (verified owner)

    Finally got to try this well-renowned strain, beautifully extracted into shatter. Upon first dab, I was feeling great! For the first ~20 minutes, was relaxing, calming, slowly vaporizing me just as the banger did the shatter.

    Cookie Monster Cookie Monster

  11. Leo (verified owner)

    Try smoking this and not getting the juicy fruit song in your head. Taste was very nice and smooth

    Super Sour Diesel Super Sour Diesel

  12. Sara Katlyn (verified owner)

    Nice relaxing buzz, indeed. Plus, smells and tastes great.

    Afgoo Lavender Afgoo Lavender

  13. Hayden Everly (verified owner)

    This is great love the relaxation it gives for the night

    Khalifa Kush Khalifa Kush

  14. Matthew Peter (verified owner)

    Nice daytime buzz. Dark green hues with small to medium dense buds

    Strawberry Kush Strawberry Kush

  15. Brandon Milo (verified owner)

    Not as potent as expected.. a little mild . But still great buds and good effects. Perfectly satisfied with this purchase . Def reccomend

    Obama Kush Obama Kush

  16. Amelia Mason

    that is so calm

    Afghan Kush Afghan Kush

  17. Layla Audurey (verified owner)

    Nice aroma, good-looking buds. Smooth hits. The train stopped there for me though. Got a headache. (could be the weather) But delivered promptly and securely!

    Wedding Cake Wedding Cake

  18. Brooks Chandler (verified owner)

    Smooth long lasting

    Jack Herer Jack Herer

  19. Noah Emerson

    This strain is for nighttime consumption. The nugs are rock hard which I really like, I prefer 2 have 1 big nug and take little pieces from it to break up and throw into my bowl or bone. This AFGOO has a very distinct smell to it also, it smells of sweet earth (if that’s even a smell) lol. she looks even better up close. You can SEE the trichomes sparkle throughout the dense lime green flower. I would smoke this strain again without hesitation. This Afgoo strain medically helps me with all my Stomach & Ulcer ailments. Thank you again. ♡♡♡&PEACE

    Afgoo Lavender Afgoo Lavender

  20. Montana Sky (verified owner)

    Great strain. Quality bag appeal. Lovely nugs. Hits just how it should. Would highly recommend

    Green Crack Green Crack

  21. Audrey Grace (verified owner)

    Some of the best I have had on here. Its crazy good and I have tried many on here.

    Northern Lights Northern Lights

  22. Emilia Louise (verified owner)

    A Flower fourth thou blooms nectar worthy of the Gods of EGYPT! Pyramid shaped Buds drenched in Tricomes- absolute white… delicate reddish/purple hues- veinous orange tinged pistils slightly caresses the Light Green Flower… absolutely captivating in appearance. Imparts a clean grass perfume as well as a slight skunky notes. Exhale is a sweet subtle grape not with slight kafir lime leaves at the end. Beautiful, Potent, Powerful focused FIRE OF THE PHARAOH!!!!

    Alaskan Thunder Alaskan Thunder

  23. Elizabeth Zoe (verified owner)

    Yeah, this one’s got me singing alright. Top shelf product, makes me a little too anxious so I just mix it with something else from here & enjoy.

    Purple Haze Purple Haze

  24. John (verified owner)

    Great smoke for a great price. Very potent, tastes great with thick, creamy smoke; highly recommended!

    Green Crack Green Crack

  25. Dela Marie (verified owner)

    Parfais après plusieurs commande jamais eter déçu ! Reçois toujours ma commande en 3 jours et c’est toujours très frais ( Saguenay) meilleur qualité prix 10/10

    Afghan Kush Afghan Kush

  26. Natalie Katherine (verified owner)

    Very power stuff, enjoyable as hell but potent! That said, if you\’re looking for a strong, pleasant tasting indica you should probably check this stuff out. 10/10

    Alien Dawg Alien Dawg

  27. Michael Theodore (verified owner)

    Yup, definitely a new favourite. Nice tight nugs, sweet taste, I feel energized from this

    Blue Dream Blue Dream

  28. Oliver James

    This is my favorite indica. For those who deal with chronic aches and pains, the almost instant body high that afgoo provides is unlike any other indica strains I have tried. It stimulates the mind for a good hour or two which helps process the day or brainstorm new ideas about life. After a bit of intermittent smoking, bed time or a nap feels great. Do not take this if you are looking to be active and in public. This indica is definitely for hanging out at home with your significant other and forgetting about physical and mental pains for a while.

    Afgoo Lavender Afgoo Lavender

  29. Riley (verified owner)

    Showed up perfect texture burned nice n slow. Does have kush like appearance with the high hitting almost immediately. Was something different for me and is a solid strain. I would order it again.

    Gorilla Glue #4 Gorilla Glue #4

  30. Zion Fletcher (verified owner)

    very goooood

    Amnesia Haze Amnesia Haze

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